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Website relaunch for Europe's largest cultural center


Gasteig München GmbH


Konzeption, Gestaltung und Entwicklung


Q3 2022

The Gasteig

The Gasteig is Europe’s largest and most successful cultural center with more than 1.8 million visitors and over 1800 events annually. Since its opening in 1985, the Gasteig has developed into a unique hub for culture and creativity throughout Europe, and is also home to renowned cultural and educational institutions.

Starting situation

The Gasteig in Munich is currently undergoing an exciting transformation. To continue meeting the needs of visitors in the future, the cultural venue is undergoing a comprehensive renovation of the existing site in Haidhausen and a move to the interim location “HP8”. The goal is to create an attractive, lively, and open place for culture and education that meets the high standards of contemporary event venues.


To successfully implement this project, the Gasteig Munich GmbH has commissioned us to develop a leading digital web presence that makes the Gasteig’s analog transformation visible online. Through the website relaunch, we ensure that the Gasteig remains a central place for culture and education in Munich in the future and continues to successfully meet the challenges of the constantly changing event landscape.

01 / Results

+116% visitor numbers

... in 4 months since the launch of the new website.

-50% workload

... in maintaining the new website.


The website consists of various types of pages, each designed individually according to their intended purpose. A homepage must meet different requirements than a page that provides information about an event. The same applies to a page where visitors should find information about their visit – here, the goal is different than on a page that offers a reading contribution from the Gasteig.


Each of these page types can be designed with various components using a modular principle. This creates a varied picture within each page type, which is precisely tailored to the purpose and content of the page.

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Event calendar

The central element of the Gasteig website is the event calendar. It consists of a curated overview page that transforms into a results page with the found events when a filter is selected.

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Easter eggs

We particularly enjoyed integrating so-called “Easter eggs” on the website. These small hidden surprises create an emotional moment and leave a positive memory of visiting the site.


Examples of such “Easter eggs” include the virtual flower rain during the “Flower Power Festival,” a humorously designed 404 page, or the digital ticket tear on event pages.

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Reduce workload

The heart of the website is protected behind this login screen: a custom content management system designed for Gasteig München GmbH.


To minimize the workload of maintaining the website, various functions for automating time-consuming tasks have been implemented.


One of many examples is the automated creation of events based on data we gather from five different interfaces. This has reduced the previous workload of maintaining the website by more than half. The saved time is used to make content more informative and attractive.

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80% mobile usage

To ensure that the digital presence of the Gasteig is accessible and user-friendly for all visitors, it has been optimized specifically for mobile devices. A responsive website ensures that all content is displayed optimally on different screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.


In addition to the responsive optimization of the website, the mobile usability of digital offers and services, such as purchasing event tickets or reading magazine articles, is also a top priority. Through intuitive navigation and user-friendly design, users can quickly and easily access the desired information.


These measures increase the accessibility of the Gasteig’s digital presence and ensure that the entire audience, regardless of their preferred device, has access to all offers. The comprehensive optimization of the digital presence for all common devices is therefore an important part of the overall concept to design the Gasteig as an open and inclusive place for culture and education.

Looking back

At the end, we want to provide a retrospective view to provide a better understanding of how the website has evolved through our work.


4th motion - next level communication: iPad-Ansicht
4th motion - next level communication: iPad-Ansicht

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