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30.09.2021 / Culture

What basketball has in common with web design

Nothing. Reason enough for us, in a creative downtime, to clamp the basketball under our arm and shoot some hoops at the Maßmannpark next to our agency.

Head off - shorts on

It is a persistent misconception that employees in the creative industries work eight hours a day at top performance. Usually it’s two golden hours in which you can hack the flashes of inspiration in your head into the computer without regard to the keyboard, like a machine gun in continuous fire. After that your creative battery is at a low level. Sure – you can also work in power saving mode. But there are simply those days when the pressure is enormous and creative peak performance is required around the clock. Anyone who, unlike Tony Montana in Scarface, doesn’t want to use the appropriate tools to recharge their batteries must find another way to stay fit in the head.


For Marco and Richard, the founders of 4th motion, sport has always been the perfect way to balance sitting in front of a screen for hours on end. Anyone who has ever put on their running shoes after work and just hit the streets knows why. Nothing leads out of creative one-way streets faster than fresh air, tennis socks and a sweaty t-shirt. And let’s be honest, if you’re in the office the next day, picking up your cup from the shelf, trembling with sore muscles, you’re simply the coolest guy or girl in the coffee break.

Offline interaction

The best thing about it: There is no room on the pitch for smartphones. Everyone is forced to interact with each other and fully concentrate on the game. Anyone who gets a ball in the middle of the run and takes off to smash it into the basket with full force has no time to worry about code line 458 in his Javascript file. And that’s just as well. We meet new people, exchange ideas and get to know each other in a different way – away from our agency routine. The successes and defeats we experience here are celebrated with a laugh and a handshake.


Maybe we fibbed a bit with our “clickbaiting” headline. Because one thing basketball and the work in our agency definitely have in common – it is a team sport. Nobody scores here alone, it is the team spirit that spurs us on the court and in the office to top performances. No one is on their own here, and if you stumble, helping hands stretch out to you from all directions.


You alright? And on we go!

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