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4th motion is a full-service digital agency based in Munich. Specialized in strategic direction, design and development of communication in a digital world.

01 / What we do


02 / Services


Only when you understand the day-to-day challenges of the customer, you are able to develop a strategy to turn visions into achievements. We take the time to get to know our clients - so that in every meeting we have answers to questions that have not yet been asked.


In our creative work, the user is at the center of attention. Good design is never arbitrary. We are only satisfied with our work when every design decision can be justified. This is how we create well-founded, barrier-free design that leads to a clear dialogue with the target group.


What we start, we also finish. Our interdisciplinary team brings every concept and creative design to life. We place great value on stability and scalability. The code behind our products is not only clean - it is state of the art.

03 / Philosophy

Joy creates drive in the team

Whether it's the cooperation with our clients or the working atmosphere in our agency - we firmly believe that teams that work on a project with joy and passion achieve the best results. This is not only our mindset - it is our corporate culture.

It's not only about the look

A good result requires more than just an attractive appearance. Our work has character and system. Behind everything we do for our clients there is a strategic direction and extensive conceptual work.

We work together - not successively

4th motion is an interdisciplinary team and that is how we keep it with our way of working. Design and development run simultaneously. This is the only way new insights from one area can flow into the other without slowing down the workflow.

Get out of the comfort zone

Only those who are willing to learn new things can remain relevant in the long run. It is the hunger for new challenges that drives us to question the status quo. And we are always hungry.

Throw away your floaties. Here you will find projects with depth. Or visit us at the beach, we have already put a towel on your sun lounger.