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Reduce the risk of infection - patient call by SMS.


In-house project


Webapp - Concept, design & implementation


Q1 2020

About the project

As part of the WIRVSVIRUS Hackathon of the Federal Government of Germany, we developed a web app within 48 hours, which enables medical practices to digitally expand their waiting area. In close cooperation with a team of doctors of biochemistry and mathematics, medical assistants, illustrators and copywriters, as well as with the support of various SMS providers, this project was realized within a weekend.

4th motion - next level communication: iPad-Ansicht
4th motion - next level communication: iPad-Ansicht

Status quo

The waiting rooms of medical practices are a hotspot for the spread of the corona virus as well as other infectious diseases, as sick people have to gather here in a very confined space. The space required to maintain the recommended safety distance is rarely available. Especially in the current situation, people who have to see a doctor due to an acute illness or injury are afraid of getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 exactly there. At the same time, the risk of infection is also very high for the staff working in the practice due to the constant and close contact with sick patients. It is precisely these people who, due to their essential role in the healthcare system, must be protected as well as possible from infection.


With the help of PATIENT PAGER, an immediately and easily usable solution to prevent infection in essential, public spaces is to be created. By means of the simple basic principle and the easy handling we have developed a product that can contribute to the effective interruption of infection chains in waiting rooms of medical practices. Thus, risk groups & non-risk groups as well as employees are protected by the virtual extension of the waiting room.

Target audience

The main target group of PATIENT PAGER are smartphone users of the non-risk group (patients up to 60), as well as smartphone users of the risk group (patients with previous illnesses, smokers, elderly people). By using the web app and reducing the number of people actually present in the practice, indirectly people without smartphone access, as well as employees of the practice, are protected.

Solution approach

The focus of the project is to develop a universal and digital solution that is as easily accessible as possible to increase the safety distance between patients. The functionality is based on the increasingly popular principle of restaurants/snack bars, where a vibrating information device informs the guests that the ordered food is ready and waiting to be picked up. In the case of PATIENT PAGER, when the patient registers at the doctor’s office, the system asks whether or not the patient wishes to take a seat in the waiting room. After entering his name and phone number in the system, the patient receives a confirmation via SMS that he has been admitted to the queue, as well as information on his current status and general behavioral advice. This allows him/her to stay at a reasonable distance from the practice or the waiting room until he/she is called for treatment via another SMS.

Keep it simpel

In order to achieve a high acceptance of the tool, our top priority was to make the handling of PATIENT PAGER as simple as possible for both practices and patients. By dispensing with complex functionalities and reducing to the essential, our tool could be used in a very short time and made an important contribution in the fight against corona.

4th motion - next level communication: iPhone-Ansicht
4th motion - next level communication: iPhone-Ansicht

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